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Drain Camera And Its Benefits

The 21st Century is witnessing technology evolving at its best. In the past when you had a blocked sink or drain, the only way out to clear the block was to dig up the pipe and investigate. However, the activity was too expensive and consumed a lot of time as well. With technology like drain cameras, things are much easier.  You may find out probable issues such as a crack in the pipes, clogs that won’t be eroded with chemicals or even open lines.  This means you incur less cost, less effort and less time to uncover the problem.

Drain cameras aren’t used by every plumbing company since they are expensive to own. There are many plumbing companies who offer the service. You may call up the company and enquire about drain cameras. You may also ask about the hourly charges.  Depending on your budget you may select your local plumbing services.

Benefits of drain cameras

  • Without a drain camera it is difficult to identify the exact location of the blockage. A drain camera helps in identifying the spot and unclogging the blockage.

  • When the camera goes in, it emits a signal that helps the plumber to ensure the depth of the blockage.

  • It can search the layout of the pipes below ground and gives the plumber additional information about the area and where the remedial work needs to be done.

  • As the camera gives out the exact location, it is easier to find out the place, height, length and the depth, and thus facilitates the remedial work to ensure lower cost for drain repair.

  • It can solve the problem when it’s reasonably small. As the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ goes, before the problem aggravates it is always advisable to use the drain cameras to get into the root cause of the problem.

  • When you wish to buy a property, you may use the drain camera to inspect the piping of the drainage system. It is important to check the sewage and drainage system before buying a property.

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