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What You Need To Know About CCTV Drain Survey?

Drainage systems are often taken for granted simply due to the fact that one hardly gets to know what is happening underneath. All hell seems to break loose, when the otherwise well-functioning drainage system turns faulty, either due to overload or obstruction from external objects.

Though it is easy to spot a blocked drain due to overload, the presence of an external object is hard to spot. Under such circumstances, the drain repair process often includes a CCTV survey to inspect the entire sewage system.

CCTV drain surveys are now being used to deal with blocked drains. Read on to know more on how a professional handles the situation and the equipment he uses to fix the problem.

What is CCTV drain survey all about?

A CCTV camera is a very useful tool when it comes to cleaning blocked drains. It helps to check the condition of the sewage precisely and gives technicians an idea of how to fix the issue.

During CCTV inspection of blocked drains, the technicians need to carry few sophisticated equipment. Some of them are:

Waterproof cameras

The cameras used to inspect drains are engineered to operate underwater too. They offer a clear view of the drains’ interior even while being submerged.

Access rods

The access rods used to navigate through the turns of the drainage pipes are extremely sturdy and flexible at the same time.


Crawlers are remote-operated devices that can navigate inside the pipes even when there are obstructions, thereby improving mobility.

CCTV inspection is important when the blocked drains’ problem is recurrent. Such surveys are excellent means of identifying the root cause of the problem, especially when an external object causes the blockage.

So, irrespective of the source of the problem, be it a tree root intrusion or breaking of concrete, CCTV inspection is the best way to determine the problem in the first place. Get in touch with Dyno RCS Ltd. for all of such minor or major bad drain issues in the city of London.